Technical information: Hovercraft off cushion length: 3 m 20 cm / 10 ft. 6 in. Hovercraft off cushion width: 1 m 85 cm / 6 ft. 1 in. Hovercraft off cushion height: 1 m 30 cm / 4 ft. 3 in. Thrust duct diameter 90 cm / 2 ft. 11 1 in.  Cushion height: 25 cm / 10 in. Hovercraft total weight: 145 kg / 319 lbs Hovercraft steering: 2 x aerodynamic rudders Impeller: HasconWing 9 blade Inbuilt buoyancy: 200 liter / 52,8 us gallons Fuel tank capacity: 12 liter / 3,2 us gallons Fuel consumption: 15 lit/h / 4 us gal/h Performance information: Hovercraft thrust (rotax 503): 85 kg / 188 lbs Max. recommended speed: 90 km/h / 56 mph Maximum recomanded payload:200 kg / 441 lbs TOH - TIme to get Over the Hump after a water stop 1 person water start: 2-3 seconds 2 person water start: 2-4seconds  
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Hovercraft engines

We install 2 stroke ultralight aircraft engines of different manufacturers (rotax, hirth, simonini, polini…) as well 4 stroke SUBARU engines

S-Tornado F50 hovercraft kit

Tornado F50 hovercraft we also sell in KIT form. Our hovercraft KITs are ideal for homebuilders of a hovercrafts who wish to build hovercraft by themselves and wish to install various types of engines. We recommend no less than 30 HP and no more than 60 HP engines to be installed on MAD-81s hovercraft KITs.

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S-Tornado F50 hovercraft

Our Tornado F50 hovercraft model is a 1-2 person hovercraft designed with simplicity and high weight-to- power ratio in mind - all at an affordable cost! It is available as a turn-key and fully functional vessel delivered to your home, or in kit format for the do-it- yourself guru. Hunting, fishing, surveying, crossing swift waters, and recreational boating are among the most popular reasons to own a MAD hovercraft. Our craft will allow you to navigate through areas you never would have imagined you could go. And most importantly, you have the reassurance knowing that our vessels and your proper pilot training will keep you safe and sound. Flying a hovercraft is a truly unique and one-of-a-kind experience that every person should be able to enjoy. Contact us today for your free consultation or to schedule a rental.