Frog looking bufocraft hovercraft
Technical information: Hovercraft off cushion length: 3 m 20 cm / 10 ft. 6 in. Hovercraft off cushion width: 1 m 85 cm / 6 ft. 1 in. Hovercraft off cushion height: 1 m 30 cm / 4 ft. 3 in. Thrust duct diameter 90 cm / 2 ft. 11 1 in.  Cushion height: 25 cm / 10 in. Hovercraft total weight: 145 kg / 319 lbs Hovercraft steering: 2 x aerodynamic rudders Impeller: HasconWing 9 blade Inbuilt buoyancy: 200 liter / 52,8 us gallons Fuel tank capacity: 12 liter / 3,2 us gallons Fuel consumption: 15 lit/h / 4 us gal/h Performance information: Hovercraft thrust (rotax 503): 85 kg / 188 lbs Max. recommended speed: 90 km/h / 56 mph Maximum recomanded payload:200 kg / 441 lbs TOH - TIme to get Over the Hump after a water stop 1 person water start: 2-3 seconds 2 person water start: 2-4seconds  
Hovercraft BUFO MAD-81 BUFOcraft hovercraft
Meet our crazy frog looking hovercraft BUFO-81 craft. Storm MAD-81 BUFOcraft are 2 person hovercraft designed for best performance possible. MAD-81 BUFOcraft are organic shaped frog looking hovercraft. High weight to power ratio, duct outflow optimized with flow straighter makes this hovercraft very powerful and fast and ideal for personal use as well as hovercraft racing. Performance of this model was proved on World hovercraft championship racing 2008 and Europe hovercraft championships 2009 (4th place, racing as serial model F50 class). This is simply most unique 2 seater hovercraft you find on world market, with performance equal to best racing hovercraft class Formula Rotax 500. Hovercraft is impossible to sink, so can go on open waters as well, since hovercraft design includes large buoyancy chamber filled with floatation material. BUFOcraft is impossible to sink when engine is off, so hovercraft can be used for fishing and hunting as well. Organic shaped crazy frog looking hovercraft design, low cost maintenance, reliable in all weather conditions, fast hovercraft hump speed time, high performance are just few reasons to chose our BUFO craft for your new toy. In rental work also highly recommended since children are crazy about this animal looking machine.  
Technical information
Fast bufocraft hovercraft

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